NHL Lockout: Will They or Won’t They–Meet?

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Today is my birthday and, in an ideal world, tonight I would be settling in with a slice of super-chocolatey birthday cake to watch the Boston Bruins face the Pittsburgh Penguins. But that game was canceled a while ago, just one of the hundreds of December games canceled as another casualty of the ongoing NHL lockout.

Instead of enjoying that ideal situation described above, I’m watching the back-and-forth on Twitter as a meeting between the NHL and NHLPA may happen later today. I say may because it seems like no one is really sure if the two sides will meet at all–or entirely sure of what has even happened today.





I’m surprised Darren Dreger doesn’t know. He seems to rather conveniently get the scoop on everything, even if no one else is reporting the same thing he is.

We know this: federal mediator has rejoined the lockout negotiations after an earlier two-day stint with a mediation team resulted in absolutely nothing of note except the mediators basically giving up on the situation and declaring the two sides too far apart. A mediator was requested right before talks exploded in a pile of rejection, doom and gloom a week ago today, so now there is one.

But the league continues to hold fast to its “take it or leave it” stance on its offer–one could argue that’s a refusal to bargain in good faith, which isn’t exactly lawful–although, apparently, there’s wiggle room on that?


(That seems like an oxymoron. ‘Take it or leave it, but hey, we might be able to work something out on this or that concept!’)

It’s all rather confusing. All I know is that I would very much like to get back to the business of analyzing games and players for how they contributed or did not contribute to games instead of reading tea leaves to try to figure out if two groups of people will cut it with the overly long lunch and dinner breaks (haven’t y’all ever heard of McDonald’s?) and sit down, act like adults and try to save the season of the thing they purport to love–without breaking down like Britney Spears did back in 2007.

That would be a great birthday present.

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