Joffrey Lupul is Denied Service at a Toronto Restaurant

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Kevin Hoffman- USA TODAY Sport


Some of the best moments in life involve rounding up the troops and going to a sports grill. Great food. Great drinks. Great company. Sports are on every television. Heaven.

So when Joffrey Lupul did just that and went to Real Sports in Toronto –right next door to Air Canada Centre — that’s probably what he had envisioned. Unfortunately, going to that specific place was too much to ask for as Lupul’s reservation got denied. Before that, there was never a moment when Lupul felt he’d be unwelcome anywhere due to his NHLPA membership until now.

It just so happens that Real Sports — owned by the Toronto Maple Leafswill not be accepting reservations or serving Lupul or any other Leafs’ player until the lockout standstill ends.

In response to what probably resulted in an embarrassing moment, Lupul spoke out in frustration on Twitter saying,

Real Sports is not allowed to take reservations from Leafs players during the lockout, but will continue selling our jerseys for $300 a pop.

Case and point, Mr. Lupul. I concur and so does James Van Riemsdyk who had the similar instance happen to him a couple of months ago tweeting stating,

Same thing happened to me months ago.

Both have deleted their tweets to cover their tails, but it’s doubtful that they’ve erased that experience from their memory. I for one wouldn’t plan on ever going back to Real Sports and I’d extend that notion to my family and friends. Lupul made a valid point. Why should players get denied service at a restaurant, but owners are still reaping in the benefits from any player jersey and memorabilia? Who would’ve thought that players would be getting turned down for wanting to enjoy a meal at a restaurant? Leave it to an owner to take things too far.

Just stick a fork in it. The lockout needs to done.


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