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NHL Lockout 2012: Cancelled Games Have Fans Caring Less

NHL Fans Turning To Other Sports In Wake of Lockout

Expect to see more of these type fans NHL! Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t already know the NHL announced the cancellation of all games through Dec 30 earlier today. (Source: NHL) I’d say this is surprising but it quite honestly isn’t…especially not after what looked to be promising talks between the NHL and NHLPA went up in smoke late last week! Honestly, the bigger story is that these cancellations don’t mean as much because some fans have already given up on the season by this point.

Meanwhile, it seems as if the league and Union are working toward getting back to the bargaining table. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told the following regarding when this may occur:

“Trying to set up something for this week, but nothing finalized yet.”

Sounds promising, right? Actually, while a few might find this new development promising a lot of us don’t really care. In retrospect it kind of reminds us of vacations or anything else we look forward to in life. Think about it. If a vacation’s cancelled so many times during a given year we stop caring about whether or not it happens.

This lockout’s beginning to have the same effect on us fans and, while sad, it’s also pretty normal. In the beginning many fans organized protests, signed petitions and were glued to any television network or website covering the lockout hoping beyond all hope there might be a breakthrough. When last week began in such a promising way fans began visualizing NHL hockey on Christmas Day, if not before. However, when those talks hit the roof  fans knew more cancellations were coming. Truthfully, we’re surprised it was only 16 days worth, not the entire season.

Anyways, as the NHL tries to make plans to meet this week they ought to remember this: Fans don’t care what happens anymore! If you’d like to cancel the season go ahead, cancel it! Whatever you do though, make a decision and stick with it because we don’t deserve to be taken on yet another emotional roller coaster!