Anders Lindback No Longer With Finland's Ilves Tampere

By Lauren Burg
Newly acquired Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Anders Lindback squares up to make a save
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


Well, this day just keeps bringing news. After reports came out late last night stating that the NHL issued a new proposal to the union, news also surfaced that newly acquired Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Anders Lindback left Finland’s Ilves Tampere where he’d been playing during the current lockout.

In case you were unaware Lindback, who signed a two-year, $3.6 million deal with the Lightning this past offseason, did suffer a minor injury to his right knee Dec 18. Will the knee be an issue if the season happens to begin in the next month? It doesn’t sound like it as it’s been reported that it sustained no structural damage and Lindback left Ilves Tampere simply because his contract was up.

Since he’s left Finland, but does plan to work out, one can safely assume he’ll likely be working out on his own. Will it be in Tampa? Who knows? That depends on what comes out of this latest proposal. If a deal’s reached, or at least very close to being reached, Lindback would most likely return to Tampa. If no deal’s reached or no progress made Lindback would probably work out where he usually does during the offseason. Heck, if worst comes to worst and the entire season’s lost he could even decide to return to Finland.

Regardless, it sounds as if both the Lightning and Lindback dodged a bullet here. Now let’s hope Lindback remains injury-free and is able to prove to the Lightning, sooner rather than later, that he’s capable of being the starter they brought him in to be.




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