Spengler Cup: Team Canada Bests HC Davos 7-2

By Emma Harger
Patrice Bergeron did it all in Team Canada’s Spengler Cup victory. James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Spengler Cup tournament wrapped up in Davos, Switzerland with two teams stacked with locked-out NHL talent facing off for the cup, which has been awarded almost every year since 1923. Team Canada beat HC Davos 7-2 for the trophy.

Patrice Bergeron, Derrick Walser, Ryan Smyth, John Tavares and Jason Spezza all scored for Canada. Smyth and Tavares scored twice. On the Davos side, NHLer Raphael Diaz scored, as did Dario Burgler.

Bergeron did so much for Team Canada to aid in the win: he scored the first goal of the day, added three assists, won just over 72 percent of his faceoffs and had a +3 rating. He was named best player of the game for the winning side.

Boston Bruins teammate, Bruins linemate and Spengler linemate Tyler Seguin tweeted a picture of him with Bergeron in the locker room, holding the Spengler Cup trophy itself, and put the win in perspective:


On the other side of the ocean, where the Spengler Cup final ended early in the morning, two other Bruins sent their congratulations. Milan Lucic made a great point in his congratulatory tweet: Bergeron has won pretty much every honor a male hockey player can win. He won the gold at the 2004 World Championship, the gold at the 2005 World Junior Championship, the gold at the 2010 Olympics, the Stanley Cup and now the Spengler Cup. He’s already a member of the Triple Gold Club, though he could really be a member of the Quadruple Gold Club, if such a thing existed.

So, what’s next? Andrew Ference joked that it could be a Super Bowl ring–and who knows, the New England Patriots certainly seem amicable to their fellow Boston sports teams–but I imagine a repeat Stanley Cup championship or Olympic medal is probably more likely.

In the nearer future, Seguin said that Bergeron plans to drink during New Year’s celebrations, then eventually return to North America after the new year begins.

Seguin has also been celebrating his win with his mom and little sister, who have been enjoying a post-Christmas vacation in Switzerland:


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