Rant Sports Top 100 NHL Players: No. 63 Jamie Benn

By Danny Shirey
Bruce Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY SPORTS

Drafted in the 5th round of the 2007 draft, Jamie Benn has turned out to be a late-round gem for the Dallas Stars. He has transformed into a force on the ice and has only played 3 NHL seasons. He has nasty dangles that can shake defenders, and can pinpoint the corner of a cage after he does so. He plays on the power play, he kills penalties, he has the best-worst peach-fuzz goatee, how can you not like the kid? He’s still only 23 and has already recorded a 60-point season (Which he did missing 11 games).

Being 6’2″ and 207 pounds, you’re not the biggest guy on the ice, but you sure have the advantage when you’re going up against players like Nathan Gerbe and Tyler Ennis. I don’t hate the Buffao Sabres, I promise. The thing that makes his size even more forceful is his ability to skate. Benn is no slouch in that department, he will blaze past you like the Road Runner if you’re not careful.  His skating ability is similar to the likes of Jordan Staal, who has a gallop-like stride on the ice.

If you’ve ever watched him play, you’ve probably noticed there isn’t a very lot of tape on Benn’s stick. Why, you ask? He has phenomenal puck control. It’s a second nature for him, as it should be for most NHL players regardless if it is or not, to carry the puck up the ice right where the tape is on the blade of his stick.

Benn played all 82 games his rookie campaign, but failed to do so again his other two NHL seasons. If injuries don’t become a problem in the future, he could be counted on for 75 to 80 points in his prime. Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. On that farm he had a duck, E-I-E-I-O. Are you back? I felt like I was losing you, so I’m re-engaging you. Carry on.

Benn doesn’t take too many penalties, his career high in PIM’s is 55, which can be valuable in crunch time. That’s even more valuable when you consider his effectiveness on the PK and the points he can bring to the table shorthanded.

He will most likely become a 30-goal scorer in the future since he has recorded more than 20 goals each season of his career, 26 in the ’11-’12 season. He can also dish the puck to teammates like Loui Eriksson who for sure has the want to bury the puck. There’s that word “want”. Benn has the want. You can see he’s a battler in his game, his top priority is winning a Cup. He’ll do all he can to make sure he wins one in his career.

Benn is going to be a star, whether you consider him one now or not, he’s going to be one. Bill Sunshine agrees too:

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