2012 NHL Lockout Update, Jan 3 Edition

By Lauren Burg
Gary Bettman Speaks To Media
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


Getting ready to enter its 110th day, the NHL Lockout has already cost the league its Winter Classic and All Star Game. There’s still a (slim) chance of playing a partial season though, something that has some cautiously optimistic.

To get those who have been starting back to work following the holidays up to speed, the NHL and NHLPA met on New Years Eve for the first time in weeks. Tuesday saw the two sides swap proposals a couple of different times. Wednesday evening, the sides met late into the night with the big news being that the Union did not file a “disclaimer of interest” suit. Instead, both sides decided to meet again today.

Today was just another ride on the NHL Lockout roller coaster, something I’m sure many will agree with. The day began with this tweet from Nick Kypreos (@RealKyper):

#NHL #CBA news. All #NHLPA members are being told to re vote as early as today to once again give Board authority to disclaim.

Not a huge surprise but still a bit worrisome to those who fear Gary Bettman will cancel the entire season if, or when, this gets filed.

As for the rest of Thursday, the two sides met separately with federal mediator Scot L. Beckenbaugh. There was no large-group meeting but it should be noted that there were two small-group sessions where NHL and NHLPA representatives met to discuss issues regarding pension and hockey-related revenues. The two sides are expected to resume the mediation process tomorrow morning. (Source: NHL)

Will the sides reach a deal then? Who knows? All we know is that they have until Jan 11 to reach a deal which would preserve a shortened season.

Either way, my advice is that you fasten those seatbelts because the next week’s sure to be a mess full of ups and downs, twists and turns. At least, for better or worse, there’s an end to all of this coming soon.




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