Marcus Johansson Gets Dropped Off At A Gas Station As NHL Lockout Ends

By Evan Crum
Geoff Burke-US Presswire

Something odd happened to Washington Capitals center Marcus Johansson in Sweden. Johansson has been playing for the Swedish team BIK Karlskoga during the lockout. He was supposed to play against Swedish team Malmo when news that the NHL ended the lockout reached the team.

The team had a few choices on what to do with Johansson. They could either let him lace up his skates and play against Malmo which would be his last game in Sweden this season. They also could have let Johansson sit on the bench or the press box and cheer his teammates on. Another option was to drop him off at a hotel or the airport so he could fly back to the United States.

Instead, the team bus dropped Johansson off at a gas station. Yes, you read that right: a gas station. Karlskoga Assistant Head Coach Tobias Thermell said the following about why they dropped Johansson off at a gas station:

“We saw that it was sorted out and we figured the most humane thing to do would be that he gets to focus completely on what’s happening there. He could have gone to Malmo and maybe even played, we didn’t really know, but for his sake, this was best.”

Look, I understand that Johansson only played 16 games for Karlskoga. Still, isn’t it a little harsh to drop off a player at a gas station? I know I would be upset if I had to get back to the United States to play hockey and I was dropped off at a gas station.

Well, for Johansson’s sake I hope that he plays well for the Capitals this year. I would much rather be dropped off at a Swedish gas station then some random gas station in Washington D.C. any day.

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