NHL Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers, NHL Set To Drop The Puck Jan.19

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


For days on top of days on top of days NHL fans have been waiting for their beloved game to return.

Finally, it appears that the puck will drop sooner rather than later.

Based on a memo sent to all 30 teams, the 2013 season will most likely begin on January 19th, less than two weeks from now. It would be a 48-game season with speculation that there would be no inter-conference play.

So, what does this mean for the Philadelphia Flyers? Believe it or not, the lockout may have actually benefited the Flyers, allowing key defensemen such as Andrej Meszaros (Achilles) and Kimmo Timonen (back) to heal up a bit. Not to mention Andreas Lilja was fully able to recover from a hip injury. The Flyers have been active, having 11 players suit up overseas during the work stoppage, the most out of any team. And it’s a good thing too because it is looking like their first game will be against a very familiar opponent.

The Pittsbrugh Penguins.

Signs are pointing to a playoff rematch in Philadelphia to open the season. Talk about a way to get fired up. These teams last year were involved in quite a bit of fighting, arguing and scoring.  Unfortunately for Flyers fans, it would be an afternoon contest, one of which the Flyers seem to struggle in. But nevertheless, whether the game be at one o’clock in the afternoon or midnight, fans are thrilled to have their game back.

While nothing is official just yet, fans can expect a 48-game season starting less than two weeks from now. This begs a certain question:

“Are you ready for some hockey?”