Anaheim Ducks' Players Already Skating At Their Training Facility

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Josh Sudock – Orange County Register

If you haven’t already heard the news or if you’ve refused to care, let me just reiterate what happened yesterday. The NHL and NHLPA were able to come to an agreement. The details can be read elsewhere. What matters the most is that hockey will commence in less than two weeks!

By no means am I a morning person, but with rumors of the lockout ending I was on standby and dreaming that this was it; a hockey season was near. It was at 6:30am on Sunday that I got a text from an East coast friend — my friends know better than to do that at such a ridiculous hour, so I knew it had to be for a good reason. My dreams became reality with that wake up call, or rather text, and I’ve never sprung out of my bed that early since I was in grade school.

I’m sure my reaction was the same as many of the fans and NHL players that morning and things only got better as today, players were already hitting the ice in preparation for the season. Scott Niedermayer was at Anaheim Ice along with Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and — wait for it — ex-Duck Dustin Penner?

Is this real life? What a fine flashback in Anaheim Ducks’ history to signify the start of the NHL season.

The season hasn’t even started and I’m already seeing the good out of all the hoopla. First, Selanne playing automatically made 2013 a good year. The most likely Future Hall of Famer and, hands down, the first number that will be retired in Ducks’ history will be able to play in what will probably be his last season. Though half of the season is lost, I’m sure Selanne has nothing but positive things to say. Second, knowing all of our star players are healthy — unlike Los Angeles Kings Anze Kopitar— who suffered a sprained MCL overseas and will miss the beginning of the shortened season. Third, hearing that the players are eager to get back is reassuring that despite the season being cut short that everyone involved is willing to make the best of it.

Training camp won’t start until the new CBA agreement is ratified and team schedules are awaiting to be concrete. It is looking more and more like a 48 game season that will begin on Jan. 19.

There are a lot of skeptics wondering how fans will react. All I know is that fans have 48 more games than I thought we’d have and I’d take 48 games over zero games any day. Fans have a right to boycott the sport as the lockout robbed us of enjoying hundreds of hockey games, but I’m a glass half full kind of gal and  it’s hard for me to not be ecstatic that I can now watch the sport I love.

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