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Dallas Cowboys Twitter Says No One Cares That the NHL is Back, Dallas Stars Respond

This time, the drama in Dallas doesn’t involve the Ewing family, but two of the city’s sports teams. Photo by fcn80 via Wikimedia Commons.

The return of the NHL from its third lockout in league history has garnered responses of all sorts from many different sources. Conan O’Brien went for the tired old “no one cares” joke, despite the fact that he built a segment around Dustin Penner from the Los Angeles Kings being a rollerblade-wearing, physically-aggressive, broom-wielding intern. But O’Brien is a comedian, not a representation of a neighborly sports team.

So when the official Dallas Cowboys Twitter account tweeted out this message–since deleted, but can be found elsewhere–it was kind of on a different level. “Similarly in the category of nobody-cares…the NHL is back!” was the message.

The Dallas Stars account picked up on it, retweeted it and added a little chirp the Cowboys’ way.


The picture of legendary Mike Modano hoisting the Stanley Cup is really just the icing on the cake–and pokes fun at Tony Romo‘s less-than-stellar performance at quarterback.

Thrown into damage-control mode, the Cowboys account made that tweet disappear and apologized to the Stars:


Still, the Cowboys might be looking to hire a new social media guru soon.

I’m used to the genuine camaraderie between Boston-area sports teams, which was at its zenith after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Though I’m not a football fan, I follow a former player from the New England Patriots, Jermaine Wiggins, mostly because he ends all his tweets with “#WIGGSOUT” and it makes me laugh. But over the past few days, he has seemed genuinely excited about the return of his fellow Boston athletes:




He even thinks some apologies are in order from the league:


Quite a change from the boring, inaccurate “haha no one cares” opinion espoused by many–including, apparently, the guy (or possibly gal) who has control of @DallasCowboys, huh?