Claude Giroux Looks Like The Next Captain Of The Philadelphia Flyers

By Randy Holt
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

While much of the discussion surrounding the Philadelphia Flyers has centered around their young talent that is going to be crucial this season, as well as the uncertain status of the future of Ilya Bryzgalov, the franchise still has a large decision to make in deciding who their next captain will be.

With Chris Pronger‘s career looking more and more like it will be over by the day, the Flyers need a new face of the franchise, and a new player will don the ‘C’ this season. The list of candidates is short, but those who are would actually be worthy is an even smaller group.

The names that have been mentioned as potential candidates are Claude GirouxMax TalbotDaniel Briere, and Kimmo Timonen. Others have been thrown in there, but those are the names we have seen as possibilities on more than one occasion.

Of the four, and on the team as a whole, there really only is one decision, and it will be an easy one to make. Claude Giroux should be the next captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.

After the season that he had last year, finishing with 93 points and establishing himself as a superstar, there’s little to no doubt that Giroux is now the face of this franchise. Last season, he showed that he has the skill level and intangibles necessary to sport the ‘C’.

While Talbot could actually make some sense as a candidate, Timonen and Briere do not. Timonen is on the back end of his career, and could retire as soon as this summer. Briere also faces an uncertain future, as his name is in trade rumors routinely during the offseason.

When you consider the factors, Giroux is so far ahead of all of the other candidates, there’s almost no reason why he shouldn’t be a lock. The captain should be the face of your franchise, with few exceptions, and Giroux is just that. At this point, handing him the captain’s patch will be a mere formality, as he has certainly already earned it.

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