What If Montreal Canadiens Fail To Sign P.K. Subban?

By Harry Dole


Kevin Hoffman – USA TODAY SPORTS


During the Montreal Canadiens first press conference since the end of the NHL lockout, General Manager Marc Bergevin stated, “My goal from day one was to sign P.K.”  Well, as we all know, there are many goals in life which never get fulfilled.

If the Habs and Defenseman P.K. Subban cannot come to an agreement (and nothing says they will), Bergevin’s goal will quickly switch from signing Subban to trading him.  Yeah…Subban is saying he wants to stay in Montreal forever, but naturally, his mood will quickly change if the Canadiens are not willing to offer him the coin he thinks he deserves.

Who would the Habs be looking into acquiring for Subban if the two parties fail to see eye to eye in contract negotiations?  Subban is 23 years of age and has a promising career ahead of him.  If the Canadiens have to resort to moving him, they will want quite a bit of value in return.

One young talented player who comes to mind is Evander Kane of the Winnipeg Jets.  The 21 year old scored 30 goals for the Jets during the 2011-12 season.  It is no secret the Habs can use a few more goal scorers to rebuild a team which was pretty much decimated by poor front office decisions over the past few years.

In addition, it is not a stretch to believe Kane may not want to stay in a city like Winnipeg, which isn’t exactly at the top of the list for young talented players.  Kane was also recently involved in a twitter incident which has not endeared him to the Jets management, nor the fans.  The twitter incident would have hardly made a ripple in Montreal, where few people are anal retentive enough to get offended by an innocent joke (think Just For Laughs Festival).

And if you want to know what kind of people are running the show in Winnipeg, just have a look at the condescending apology/public relations pitch offered by the team to its fans two days ago after the lockout was settled.  Kane would have to be insane to want to stay and play for such an organization in a city which is as exciting as watching ice melt.

Of course, the loser in such a potential deal would be Subban, who probably has as much interest in going to Winnipeg as Kane has in staying.  But hey, if the Jets are willing to satisfy Subban’s salary demands, that should help soften the blow.  Subban will just have to deal with it.

Just like Bergevin has to quickly deal with the Subban situation.

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