Bobby Orr New Book Should Be A Rush For Readers

By Harry Dole


Among other things, NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr takes a slash at Alan Eagleson in his new book scheduled to be released in October of 2013.   Digital Artwork – GOPart


Somewhat lost in the media brouhaha over the unwarranted NHL lockout and the Toronto Maples Leafs front office bungling of the canning of GM Brian Burke is an upcoming memoir by Hall of Fame Defenseman Bobby Orr.  The book, titled “Orr: My Story” is scheduled to be released in October by publisher G.P. Putnam Sons.

Orr’s autobiography will chronicle his outstanding, although injury-riddled NHL career with the Boston Bruins, and briefly with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Orr revolutionized the blueliner position by scoring over one-hundred points in six consecutive seasons and notching a remarkable record setting +124 plus/minus rating in 1970-71.

In addition to recounting his accomplished on ice career, Orr will document his relationship with one of hockey’s darkest characters, Alan Eagleson.  The former hockey agent has the dubious distinction of getting his sorry rear-end kicked out of the Hall of Fame; a campaign spearheaded by Orr.  Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are choir boys compared to Eagleson, a disbarred Canadian lawyer and convicted felon.

Hopefully, Orr, 63, has wound up his lethal slapshot and taken direct aim at Eagleson with this book.  It should not only make for interesting reading (hopefully with some juicy tidbits), it can teach some current and upcoming players the severe pitfalls of dealing with and trusting alleged scumbags such as Eagleson.

Many career hockey minds have ranked Orr as the greatest ever to play the game.  With this book, Orr’s outstanding public on ice performance, regardless of how prolific, should only be part of the story.  The darker private side of Orr’s story should serve as a valuable lesson to many, just like his on ice play has served as an inspiration to countless hockey players and fans.

Let’s hope readers rush to the book store to pick up Orr’s autobiography as fast as Orr would rush the puck down ice.  Although it may be humanly impossible for us mere mortals to move anywhere near as fast.

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