NHL Rumors: Could Scott Gomez Return to New Jersey Devils?

By Mark Donatiello
Eric Bolte – US Presswire

Scott Gomez hasn’t quite panned out for the Montreal Canadiens.  After a two-goal season last year, the two have parted ways as Gomez was waived on Wednesday.  The Habs went as far as to say that they would let Gomez sit the entire season if necessary to buy him out, so it appears his time in Montreal has come to an end.  Needless to say, Scott Gomez has fallen a long way from his days with the New Jersey Devils.

A quick look at the ESPN profile of Scott Gomez revealed a New Jersey Devils logo in the background as of Wednesday.  Either an intern at ESPN has a funny sense of humor or ESPN has made a mistake.  Still, their blunder got me thinking; Could Scott Gomez return to the New Jersey Devils this season?  Why not?

Gomez is somewhat-laughably described by ESPN as a “crafty playmaker”, perhaps by a roto writer who missed Gomez’s last few seasons.  For the bargain price he will likely come at, perhaps Scott Gomez could work his way into one of the grinding lines in New Jersey.  Then again, why on earth would the Devils even consider such a move?  The grinders already on the roster carried the Devils to the Stanley Cup and Scott Gomez didn’t exactly leave New Jersey on the best terms.

Scott Gomez took the money and ran from a successful run in New Jersey to join the hated New York Rangers.  Gomez proved last year he is no longer the offensive threat he once was, and what limited value he may have is not worth the trouble.  Lastly, the sentimental move to bring Jason Arnott back into the New Jersey Devils organization ended with trade demands and the first missed playoffs season in a decade and a half.

Scott Gomez has no place with the New Jersey Devils.  He’s a sellout to Devils fans, and far from the crafty playmaker he was more than ten years ago when he could move the puck as well as anyone in the NHL.  After last season, it seems like Scott Gomez might be best-served by retirement.  Then again, for roughly a tenth of what Montreal is paying him, maybe the 33-year-old will find his way onto an NHL team – it just won’t be the New Jersey Devils.

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