Delicious Philadelphia Flyers' War Continues with Pittsburgh Penguins

By Sean O'Brien
Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins
Eric Hartline-US Presswire

Many years ago, before Sidney Crosby was hatched, or Mario Lemieux graced the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia Flyers used to pummel the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Since those long-gone days have passed, the Penguins have earned one more Stanley Cup than the former “Broad Street Bullies”. Those three silver chalices, along with a highly-competitive team, have made the “Pens” the Flyers’ superior for a long period of time.

After various postseason battles, Peter Laviolette‘s squad took it to Dan Bylsma‘s group in last spring’s conference quarterfinals. That series was a hybrid between 1970s’ fighting and 1980s’ high-flying scoring.

The Flyers won Game 1 (4-3) in overtime and scored eight goals in Games 2 and 3  to take a 3-0 lead in that series. Even though the Penguins demolished the Flyers 10-3 in Game 4 and edged them out 3-2 in Game 5, the contest ended in Game 6.

The convincing 5-1 victory clearly gave the orange and black faithful bragging rights. However, a deep Penguins’ roster and the begrudging recognition that Crosby clearly skates with the best of his era means that this delicious hockey war will rage indefinitely.

This shortened season was constructed to be division and conference-focused. As it plays out, both sides will naturally lust for these interstate confrontations.

How better to begin a compressed hockey year than by pitting these two great franchises against each other? Game oh-so on.

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