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Los Angeles Kings Won’t Repeat As Stanley Cup Champions

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It was a long wait for the Los Angeles Kings to be able to lift their Stanley Cup banner which they finally got to do on Saturday. While the Kings got beat by the Chicago Blackhawks, it had to be a great day for every fan of the Kings and each one of the players on the team. I did have one major problem though seeing the ceremony on television. Is it just me or was the longest, most drawn-out ceremony ever?

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t seem to remember the players carrying the Stanley Cup around the rink the first game of the new season. I saw players kissing the Cup again and thought to myself that isn’t going to be good for them in the end. The Kings are a very solid team, I just don’t think they are a team that can win the title again this season. There are just too many teams that are better than Los Angeles in the National Hockey League right now including in the Western Conference with teams like the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild.

It is a short season after all this year in the NHL and there will be things that happen that wouldn’t in a normal season but the Kings won’t win the title again. I think the karma may come back to haunt them with the length of that ceremony. If you need a half-hour to hand out championship rings and raise a banner that is just too long for my liking. I’m sorry Los Angeles, shorten it up please.

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