At Least NY Rangers Fans Are In Fine Mid-Season Form

By Harry Dole
Anthony Gruppuso – USA TODAY SPORTS

In the second period of the New York Rangers game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday, a chorus of boos came cascading down from the stands at Madison Square Garden.

The Rangers, in their second game of the season, were once again playing as if someone forgot to wake them up and tell them the NHL lockout had ended.  As usual, the New York fans did not hesitate to voice their displeasure with the blueshirts performance thus far.

By losing their first two games in rather convincing fashion, the Rangers are in danger of becoming one of those teams which stocks up on premium talent, only to fail to meet lofty expectations.  This was supposed to be a Rangers team which was to cruise through the shortened season and into the playoffs.

Not so fast.

Sure, it is still early in the season, but fans have a right to be concerned about a team which has not exactly made of habit of winning, nor even appearing in too many Stanley Cup finals over the past 70 years.  One can forgive the long suffering Rangers fans for feeling like they have been set up for the slaughter this season.

The Rangers and Stanley Cup favorites are words which are not often used in the same sentence.  By starting off the season in such lethargic fashion against the Boston Bruins and Penguins, and having their star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist pulled, the fans and media are beginning to question what is really going on with this team which going into this season had very high expectations.

The Rangers offense, defense, and goaltending thus far has been awful.  They have failed to show any consistency in any facets of the game.  The Rangers are not only just a little off on their game either – they are off by a mile.

And if that is not bad enough, Rangers head coach John Tortorella has stated that forward Rick Nash has been the team’s best player.  This may be some cause for alarm, since Nash is one of the few players who was not on the team last season, when the Rangers finished first overall in the Eastern Conference.

If the Broadway Blues fail to awake from their lockout slumber soon, they can expect their fans to continue to continue to shower them with unpleasantries.  After 72 years of futility, the fans are already in fine mid-season form.

If the Rangers do not turn things around very soon in this shortened season, they run the risk of having their much publicized show undergo an early cancellation.

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