Surprisingly New York Rangers Head Coach, John Tortorella, Thinks A Reporter's Question is "Stupid"

By Stephanie Lewark
Eric Bolte – USA TODAY Sports

New York Rangers head coach, John Tortorella, is already at it with his intolerance of the media.  And why not? It’s a shortened season, so there isn’t much time to fine-tune his media social skills to post-season form.

Tortorella was undoubtedly a little upset at this past Thursday’s 10-minute post-game press conference following a 2-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers (the team’s third loss in four games).  He ends up labelling one reporter’s question as “stupid” and “dumb.”

“That’s a stupid question,” Tortorella snapped when asked if the Rangers were in good shape. “This team is in shape as far as what we’ve started with here, as far as how it’s happened with the lockout. That’s just a dumb question.”

This is no doubt the first of many in his greatest hits remix video for this season.  Maybe New York and opposing teams’ reporters should quickly read Tortorella’s body language (or at least the expression on his face) before asking him his or her question.  But there’s a little flaw in Tortorella’s complaint that the reporter’s question is stupid and it may, in fact, be a logical follow-up question to a statement he made about his team when the lockout started:

“To be quite honest, it worries me,” Tortorella said. “When our guys report to camp in September under normal circumstances, they have a physical and mental edge from preparing for our testing that’s extremely important to the way we go about our business as a hockey club.”

So shame on you, Mr. Tortorella.  You should think before you speak or maybe at least take deep breaths while counting to 10 before taking the podium for your next post-game press conference.

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