NHL San Jose Sharks

Patrick Marleau Filling Net At Rapid Pace

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The National Hockey League season was going to be exciting no matter what with just a 48-game schedule but when one player goes out and scores eight goals in their first four games, it is something worth relishing. That is exactly what Patrick Marleau has done for the San Jose Sharks in the early part of the year. Marleau is using the rust of everyone else to pump in goal after goal to start the year.

It is quite amazing that a player can come up with four straight two-goal games as Marleau has done. While it is very unlikely that Marleau continues this streak for much longer, this becomes an opportunity for NHL fans to enjoy something that hasn’t been seen since the days of Wayne Gretzky. The free preview of the NHL Center Ice package is available through the end of the month on most cable providers and I would suggest taking some time out if your favorite team isn’t playing to watch Marleau for a bit.

It has been a thing of beauty without any doubt and Marleau slips under the radar for some people since he plays in San Jose but I’ll tell you now that Marleau is worth at least some of your time in the next week. I think Marleau will finish with around 35 goals by the time the season is over and I’m going to make sure I watch more Sharks hockey this week while I can just to see if Marleau can continue this scoring streak.

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