Los Angeles Kings Must Build Off First Win

By RanterX
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

To say the Los Angeles Kings‘ run to the Stanley Cup at the end of the 2011-2012 NHL season was magical is a drastic understatement. However, to say the start of their 2012-2013 lockout-shortened campaign has been disappointing so far is also an understatement. However, they got their first win of their championship-defense season after an 0-2 start to give their fans a sigh of relief. However, that first win can only be the beginning of their title defense if they want to get anywhere close to the Stanley Cup again this year.

The Kings weren’t a really good team last year, but got hot at the right time and any legend in any sport will tell you that a hot team beats a great team any day of the week. That was Los Angeles last year. Of course, there are always a ton of upsets in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but the Kings’ run last season was downright magical. However, they weren’t a great team then and they’re not “magically” a great team now.

The Kings had an unorganized offense and a weak power play last year and those are two of several problems that are plaguing them again this year. Everyone keeps asking, “Who’s going to provide offense for Los Angeles?” The answer? Nobody knows.

The Kings did get that first win, which is something that propelled them to greatness last season, so it’s definitely possible, but this team has to realize this is just the beginning of their title-defending run or they won’t even make the playoffs this year.

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