New York Islanders: Matt Moulson Deserves More Attention

By Adam Pfeifer
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

He isn’t Sidney Crosby. He isn’t Steven Stamkos. He isn’t Claude Giroux. He is, however, Matt Moulson and he can do something that the other three have all already done throughout their careers.


The New York Islanders skilled left winger may not have the appeal of some of the bigger name superstars in the NHL, but Moulson may be a safe bet to join their company very, very soon. From a skill aspect, Moulson is a rare commodity. He is one of the faster skaters in the entire league with tremendous hands to boot. Though 29-years old, Moulson will be around for a while. He may only be six feet tall, but he is strong and extremely durable. Since joining the Islanders back in 2009, Moulson has played in all 251 games, which is fourth-most in franchise history.

Moulson’s individual talent alone isn’t the only reason he will continue to have a successful career on the ice. John Tavares is an absolute emerging superstar in this league. The two will continue to be linemates, which bodes very well for Moulson. In fact, Tavares has already had a positive effect on Moulson’s game. So far in this shortened 2013 season, Moulson has lit the lamp three times. Tavares had assisted on two of those goals. Dating back to 2010, Tavares has been on the ice for 63 consecutive Moulson goals and has assisted 42 of them.

Talk about an impact. Assuming these two remain in tact, I love Moulson’s chances of being a perennial 30-40 goal scorer.

Though it took a few years for Moulson to hit the scene, he has posted 30-goal seasons for three straight years. He has the potential and skill-set to be an elite goal scorer in the league. Now look, I’m not saying he will ever be as good as some of the top tier players in hockey. But because he plays on a small market team such as the Islanders, he isn’t getting the recognition he deserves.

I expect that to change sooner rather than later.

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