Mike Komisarek Suffers Weird Eye Injury, Toronto Maple Leafs Won’t Explain It

By Krista Golden
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve heard stories from baseball of weird injuries – one guy injured his elbow playing Guitar Hero, another missed practice because he slept wrong and his eyelid was stuck, and there are others that don’t come to mind right now. The injury I’m about to describe to you isn’t weird, but the origin of the injury is just too weird.

I should say the lack of disclosure of said injury. Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Komisarek will not be playing in tonight’s game against the Buffalo Sabres because of an eye injury. Okay, that’s not the weird part. His injury is the result of sutures and stitches to his eye (or perhaps the area around it) due to getting a piece of fiberglass in it. Maybe that’s a little off center, or maybe not. When asked how it happened, Leafs coach Randy Carlyle wouldn’t say. Come on, why would that be a secret?

Perhaps Carlyle’s reasoning – “It was one of those things that you’d like to take back in your life I think, when you do something stupid” – is a clue. Holy cow, just what did Komisarek do? Are we sure he didn’t faceplant into a giant pile of insulation? Did he headbutt a boat on a dare? Or maybe, as my wildly vivid imagination is telling me, he thought he was Bluto from Animal House, but tried to break a hockey stick with his head instead of crushing beer cans against it. I’m sure fans can think of more creative reasons than those.

It could be that the injury is too gruesome to describe, or maybe Komisarek is too embarrassed to tell people what happened. Let’s just hope he didn’t nominate himself for a Darwin Award in the process.

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