Luke Schenn An Imposing Presence On The Philadelphia Flyers' Blue Line

By Randy Holt
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It’s understandable that there were questions when the Philadelphia Flyers acquired Luke Schenn from the Toronto Maple Leafs last summer.

The Flyers acquired Schenn in exchange for James van Riemsdyk, who had appeared to run out his welcome with the Philadelphia front office. Despite also losing Jaromir Jagr during free agency, costing them a total of 68 points out of their lineup, the Flyers pursued the trade and brought in Schenn.

In Schenn the Flyers received a former top five pick. He was a guy who brought a great physical presence to the ice, but didn’t demonstrate great consistency or put up many points from the blue line. But in the early part of the season, Schenn has proven to be worth the price the Flyers paid to acquire him.

After a rough start in the first game or so for Schenn, he has turned it on and actually played very well for the Flyers. He has a couple of points, but that’s not why he was brought in. He was brought in to be a shutdown defenseman and to bring a physical presence to the blue line.

He has done both of those things. His play on the blue line has been very solid. For the most part, he’s been the shutdown guy the Flyers wanted. Where he’s been very impressive is in the hit department.

Schenn has 23 hits in just seven games for the Flyers. That’s among the best in the league for defensemen and that’s exactly why he was brought in. For a guy who has posted at least 250 hits in the past couple of seasons, he’s right on track as far as that aspect of his game goes.

Many forget that Luke Schenn is just 23 years old. He’s not a defensive superstar by any means, but he can be a very solid piece of a team like the Flyers. It’s clear that the change of scenery has benefited Schenn, and the Flyers got a future piece of their defense when they acquired him.

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