Philadelphia Flyers: Mailbag, Second Edition

By Adam Pfeifer
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

So far in the 2013 campaign, the Philadelphia Flyers are uncharacteristically struggling. They currently sit at a record of 2-5-0, ranking dead last in the Atlantic Division. Fans of the beloved orange and black have questions, and they should. Those around Philadelphia aren’t accustomed to seeing the Flyers so low in the standings. Let’s get right to the questions, shall we?

Q: Zachary Moser via Facebook: What is the one big step/change the Flyers need to make to get back on the winning track?

AP: I cannot stress this enough. Special teams are killing the Flyers. It’s obvious that the Flyers need to pepper opposing goaltenders with frequent shots, rather than wasting powerplay time by searching for the perfect, cute pass. Peter Laviolette just recently announced that Danny Briere will be moved to the first line, which I like. He had 10 shots last game (finally someone got the idea). Maybe the team needs to take Jakub Voracek off of the first powerplay unit. He, in particular, often looks for the extra pass, rather than shooting the puck when he has the lane. What can’t the Flyers do? Panic.

Q: Alex Littman via Facebook: Do you think giving Ilya Bryzgalov the day off will make the team realize that he is their best chance to win games?

AP: Not necessarily. This team is fully aware of the stellar play from Bryzgalov this year. During interviews, they stated that Bryz is giving them a chance to win every single night, but they need to help him out. Laviolette stated that Bryzaglov is like a pitcher without any run support, which is a great analogy. The Flyers are aware, now they need to back their goalie up.

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