Time For Los Angeles Kings To Start Shopping Jonathan Bernier

By Randy Holt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re less than two weeks into the regular season, but it’s pretty clear that the Los Angeles Kings need some help. They need help on offense and they need help on defense.

The offense is back to its inconsistency and has been pretty poor early on. If it wasn’t for the likes of Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter, who knows how poor their offense would be. After posting solid offensive numbers in the playoffs, they’re back to the types of goal totals that nearly cost them a playoff spot last year.

While the Kings are a team lauded for their defensive depth, the blue line is also in some trouble as well. Matt Greene is out for the season and no one actually knows when Willie Mitchell will be able to return from offseason surgery. So their needs are at both ends of the ice.

Where the Kings don’t need help is between the pipes. They have Jonathan Quick. They’re good to go. Oddly enough, their solution to at least some of their woes may also be residing at the same position, just one that spends a lot more time on the bench: Jonathan Bernier.

Bernier has been involved in trade rumors for quite some time. But given the uncertain status of Quick after offseason back surgery, combined with probably high demands, he still resides in Hollywood. The Kings may want to reconsider hanging onto him at this point.

The Kings’ backup has great potential as a starter and would be a terrific addition to a team either rebuilding and looking to add a future net presence or a contender with an aging netminder looking to solidify their situation and have a plan in place for when that veteran retires.

Bernier could be a nice piece for the Kings to acquire a top four defenseman or an addition forward. The return would probably be pretty big, but those are the two areas of need that the Kings are reportedly most dedicated to filling right now. They do have other youngsters to deal, but it’s Bernier that could bring back the greatest return.

Something to consider.

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