Boston Bruins' Shawn Thornton To Miss At Least a Week with Concussion

By Emma Harger
Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

When the Buffalo Sabres came to town and defeated the Boston Bruins 7-4, one of their players also gave Shawn Thornton a concussion that could keep him out of game action anywhere from seven to 10 days.

In his “fight” with John Scott–I put that in ironic quotation marks because it was less of a fight and more of an assault, considering the way Scott was holding Thornton’s sleeve and chin strap, basically immobilizing him in a vulnerable position against the glass, then continuing to punch him in the head when he was already on the way down to the ice–Thornton suffered a concussion and missed the rest of the game to be tested for head injury.

Two other players who looked injured at some point during the 7-4 beatdown, Patrice Bergeron and Daniel Paille, are also missing from the team practice on Feb. 1. Keep in mind that these two could just be taking a rest for maintenance days because that’s something that may happen more often in this shortened season, but especially in Bergeron’s case, he looked pretty badly beaten up last night and was favoring the shoulder he landed on when he was boarded–but of course no call came from that.

If the Sabres wanted to superheat the rivalry again, they’ve done just that. But it’s going to come at a heavy price for them because they’ve just poked the bear.

Past experiences show that it is inadvisable for any team to poke the bear because it just doesn’t end well for them. In fact, I’d call their 7-4 win a Pyrrhic victory, which is defined as “a victory with such a devastating cost that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately lead to defeat.” Sure, they won last night, but at a cost that that won’t want to pay later.

With the timetable mentioned above, Thornton could be ready and rarin’ to go by the time Feb. 10 rolls around and the Bruins find themselves in Buffalo. Whether he is or isn’t by that time, I feel like the Bruins could be seeking revenge.

And, unlike the pathetic revenge the Sabres put up last season after the Ryan Miller-Milan Lucic incident, this could be a lot more efficient.

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