New York Islanders Coach Jack Capuano Should Avoid the New Jersey Devils

By Jeff Everette
Jack Capuano-Geoff Burke
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


When the New York Islanders were finally able to take the ice for the start of their 2012-13 season, they had to do so without their coach on the bench. It wasn’t as if Jack Capuano did not want to be there to see his Islanders take on the New Jersey Devils in front of his team’s home crowd, but there are some things in life a man just cannot ignore.

Like the passing of a kidney stone.

As tough as Coach Capuano may be, the former NHL defenseman stood no chance against the kidney stones and was admitted to a hospital just before the big game. The Devils took advantage and beat the Islanders 2-1.

When Capuano was released from the hospital he went directly to the rink and watched the rest of the days practice and then returned home to break down tape of the game and things continued on as normal.

Then the coach had to go back to the hospital on Wednesday for a surgery to remove the stint the doctors had put in during the kidney stone procedure. He returns to practice and once again goes about his business watching tape and preparing for the next game.

Thursday night found the Islanders facing the Devils once again, this time on the Devil’s home ice, and this time with their coach on the bench. At least he was on the bench until he was forced to leave after a puck hit him in the face forcing him to get five stitches above his right eye.

No one has said what Coach Capuano’s plans are for tomorrow, but we are guessing he will be going to practice where he will watch his guys for a while before going home and breaking down the game tape. This time he will have something to smile about as he watches the footage. His Islanders scored in overtime to beat the Devils 5-4 making them 4-2-1 on the season.


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