NHL Rumors: Could Phoenix Coyotes Be On Move?

By Andy Schmidt
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one team that should have major worries right now, it is the Phoenix Coyotes and their fans. A deal that would have kept the team in Phoenix has fallen through for the time being and that means that rumors are going to start spreading. I really don’t see Phoenix leaving town, but there are places that would love to get a National Hockey League team.

I could envision Phoenix moving northwest to Seattle in all honesty. The city is going to get their Seattle Supersonics back soon, and it appears and adding an NHL team in the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t be a bad idea. There is the natural rivalry then with the Vancouver Canucks which is always great for the sport. I don’t see how a team can survive in Phoenix anyway with all the hot weather that Arizona has, but other teams in southern states have had some success. It may be moving time though for the Coyotes if something doesn’t happen very soon.

If Phoenix were to move, there is no doubt that realignment must happen in the NHL to get teams into divisions where the teams are closer together. I would be for getting rid of the current conferences in that scenario and just bunch the teams by geography. It seems like a much better situation instead of a team having to fly 2,000 miles for a conference game. That isn’t right at all and is something that has to change even if Phoenix never moves. This is a story that is worth paying very close attention to in the next few months.

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