Toronto Maple Leafs Autographed Photo For Special Needs Children Disappears

By Anthony Sicilia
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We have all heard the term “maybe it got lost in the mail.” What if a certain package from your favorite hockey team was sent to you and the package that you were expecting didn’t even make it to the mail.  How would you react?

This was the dilemma for those within the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. According to recent news an autographed team photo that was supposed to be sent and delivered to a school located in the GTA for special needs was stolen the day the Leafs would open practice up to the viewing public.

Maple Leaf players and team members alike decided to send an autographed team photo to the students at Beverly Public School.

Beverly Public School specializes in helping individuals with developmental delays and physical disabilities. The school has students that range from grades that include JK to eighth grade.

Most students within the school are fans of the Leafs. However, the majority of students are incapable of attending the practice that was open to the public, because most students are in wheelchairs.

The school’s administration requested that the team come to the school and visit the children.  However, due to the timing of the request the Maple Leafs were unable to fulfill that wish, so the boys in blue and white did the next best thing. The team sent over an autographed picture of the current team.

The school received an empty envelope in the mail. Canada Post is launching an internal investigation into this matter. Once the members within Leafs camp found out that the team photograph never arrived at their destination they were understandably a little disappointed and agreed to send another autographed team photo for the one that was stolen.

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