Vancouver Canucks: Cory Schneider's Agent Should Be Quiet

By Michael Roberts
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Cory Schneider’s agent needs to shut up and understand his role in the hockey world.

Mike Liut shared his opinions on Monday to the Vancouver Sun on the Vancouver Canuks goaltending controversy. Needless to say, the selfish comments have no place in a team game where no single individual can win a championship. Liut told the Vancouver Sun that he’s worried the drama would drag out all season long and he also thought Robert Luongo would be traded by now.

“Our concern is we were hoping that this would be the year that Cory would play 75 per cent of the games,” Liut said.

It’s hard to play 75 percent of the games when Luongo is standing on his head for the Canucks night in and night out. However, Liut apparently understands Vancouver needs to showcase Luongo in order to move him.

“What you have is two goalies and there’s only one net and you are trying to trade one of them. So you have to play him. Now it’s four games in a row, does that give you some concern at the same time? Sure, because with a player like Cory you want to see him play every night.”

Obviously Liut wants to see Schneider every night because he’s his agent and every agent is going to look after his players. However, what Liut doesn’t understand is how selfish this makes Schneider looks. Players and their agents communicate all the time and there’s no doubt Liut doesn’t say something if this is how Schneider feels. After all, Schneider signed a contract extension in the off-season and was expected to be the team’s number one goalie.

One problem, the team is winning with Luongo. The Canucks are 5-2-2 and first in their division with the biggest reason being the play of Luongo. Vancouver’s former captain has simply outplayed Schneider and now his agent is crying about it do the media?

Agents are smarter than this. By speaking to the media, Liut only made the situation worse. The rest of the league knows Vancouver is desperate to deal and trying to put the pressure on general manager Mike Gillis to make a deal only makes trading harder.

The other major factor is the Canucks are winning! It’d be one thing to complain if they were losing and Luongo was playing poorly, but how do you cry when the team is winning? Basically, what Liut said was he doesn’t care how Vancouver does, he only cares about his player playing. However, that’s common knowledge. What really was said is that Schneider doesn’t care how the team does, he just wants to play, which makes it look like Schneider is sitting on the bench upset over how Vancouver has handled the situation, which then only makes the controversy an even bigger distraction.

It’s good agents who look out for their players, but sometimes they need to understand nobody cares what they think. By speaking out, he only added more fuel to a fire that is far too heated as it is.

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