Fans Becoming Frustrated as Columbus Blue Jackets Fail to Perform as Promised

By Krista Golden
Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

You know how Chicago Cubs fans operate, right? Every year, they say “They’re going to do better than last year! They mean it this time!” but they don’t cry or yell when the team packs up and heads to Suckville. It’s the norm after all these years. Good seasons are good, but bad seasons are just something that happens more often than not.

Columbus Blue Jackets fans are the same way. It’s kind of expected that the team also packs up and heads to Suckville every season. Sometimes they do it early, sometimes they wait see if there’s room left at the inn for them. Like the Cubs, it’s the norm.

This year, something snapped within the Blue Jackets fanbase. A combination of Rick Nash being traded, new guys coming to the team and John Davidson being named the President of Hockey Operations made them think that finally, truly, something good would happen to them. Expectations were high coming into the season. But with a 3-6-2 record, fans are frustrated and confused as to why the team isn’t doing what they had hoped.

Well, here’s why they’re “underperforming”: both the fans and the organization expect too much from this team in this shortened season. The influx of talent was supposed to bolster the team and give it a new surge of energy, but it hasn’t to this point. It’s not the talent but the playbook that needs to be changed. Replacing a dead battery with a fresh one does wonders for a toy that won’t work, but sometimes the toy just wears out and needs to be replaced.

Another reason comes from Davidson’s hiring. Everyone heard of the wonders he did in turning the St. Louis Blues from a crappy team to serious contenders and heralded his arrival with a lot of fanfare. What they didn’t realize (or flat-out ignored) is that it took him six years to turn the Blues around. Davidson is needed for long-term work. Unless there’s some huge epiphany soon, nothing incredibly exciting will happen between now and the end of April.

There’s too much of a mess within the Blue Jackets for anything spectacular to happen so soon. It’s going to take years for anything major to come to pass. It’s something fans will just have to understand.

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