Ryan Miller has an Amazing Game Tonight Versus New York Islanders

By Scott DelleFave
Miller, Ryan 1
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres‘ Goaltender Ryan Miller had a terrific night with 41 saves as the Sabres won 3-2 on Long Island, defeating the New York Islanders. Also NHL leading scorer, Thomas Vanek added another goal to go to 11 goals on this shortened season.

Last season, Miller struggled greatly with his consistency and when combined with a team that struggled to score provided not so stellar results as it was witnessed. Also combined with a concussion, that didn’t help his play. This year he seems more at ease and confident especially that the Sabres added more attitude with John Scott and Steve Ott, which also helps players like Patrick Kaleta who is a goon type player who likes picking fights and or standing up for other players like he did with Miller last season.

This all being said, the Sabres need to find consistency this season as they’ve won two in a row now twice and then hit the skids and then all of sudden everyone in Western New York wants head coach Lindy Ruff‘s and general manager Darcy Regier‘s heads on a silver platter. I can only hope that the Sabres keep this winning up so we can talk about much more positive outlook and bring up more playoff talk with a deep run then who can we get as the next head coach and what front office moves will the team make and, of course, the player movement.

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