Philadelphia Flyers sign Kimmo Timonen to one-year extension

By Deanna Vasso
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Flyers veteran defenseman Kimmo Timonen and Anaheim Ducks veteran Teemu Selanne have two things in common. One, they are both fantastic Finnish hockey players, and two, they both keep hinting at retirement but seem to never do it. Both of the NHL teams they play for also seem to want to ensure that neither player ever retires.

If you haven’t heard already, Timonen just signed a one-year contract extension to his existing contract with the Flyers. As a solid defenseman, the Flyers need to keep Timonen, especially since this is the biggest area on the ice that the team struggles.

Even at his age, Timonen is contining to get a lot of ice time, he’s played at least 20 minutes over the last couple of games, and he is a capable set up man for his teammates so far this season. Timonen has scored one goal this season, but he has logged six assists on his teammates’ goals to give him seven points. He’s a passer who has no qualms about helping his teammates make a good play.

Not only is he a decent d-man, but he’s a really disciplined player which the Flyers really need right now. Timonen also isn’t a fighter which is good for a team that needs to stop taking so many penalties. As a veteran blueliner, Timonen brings a lot of maturity to the D, and will really help to guide the Flyers rookies.

Although, to play devil’s advocate, does Timonen have enough gas left in his tank? He is a bit older, so this may be cause for trouble for the Flyers, especially when we consider how injury prone Timonen has been in the past.

Timonen has been hinting at his retirement for a few years now, but each year he stays on and now with his new deal it’s hard to believe that he’ll ever retire. One has to wonder, is this just a Finnish hockey player thing?

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