Toronto Maple Leafs: Mikhail Grabovski Shouldn't Be Suspended For 'Biting Incident'

By Michael Roberts
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If Mikhail Grabovski is suspended for the so called, biting incident, with Max Pacioretty then the NHL will be declaring itself as an absolute joke.

When the Toronto Maple Leafs embarrassed the Montreal Canadiens 6-0 on their home ice, the miniature smurfs lost their cool and tried pushing around the Maple Leafs. Unfortunately for Montreal, Toronto pushed back a lot harder, adding bruises to the team’s pathetic effort in front of their home fans.

In one of the scrums, video evidence shows Pacioretty grabbing Grabovski from behind, covering the Toronto player’s mouth with his forearm and pulling back on his head, forcing Grabovski’s neck to snap backwards.

The same video shows that when Pacioretty’s forearm is covering Grabovski’s mouth, the Maple Leaf chomps down on the Canadien’s arm and good on him for doing so.

Now, there’s no room for biting in hockey but there is plenty of room for self defense in the NHL.

Pacioretty showed no guts, and proved he lacked a pair by grabbing a player half his size from behind and wrenching back on his neck. The wanna-be tough guy got exactly what he deserved for doing what he did and then proved how much he truly does lack a pair by whining about it afterwards for the official.

His team was getting its arse handed to them, so Pacioretty tried to take liberties with a smaller player, and then threw a hissy fit afterwards. Meanwhile, all Grabovski tried to do was protect his neck from serious injury consider Pacioretty was placing the majority of his weight on trying to pull back Grabovski’s head from behind.

As previously mention, there is no room for biting in the game, so Grabovski should receive a significant fine for the incident.

However, Brendan Shanahan can’t look himself in the mirror and say he’d do anything different in that scenario. Then again, the grapefruit-less Pacioretty never would have picked on Shanahan considering they’d nearly be the same size.

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