Vancouver Canucks: What If Roberto Luongo Refused A Trade?

By Michael Roberts
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

What if the Vancouver Canucks approached Roberto Luongo with a trade the team has agreed upon and the goaltender refuses to go?

After all, Luongo negotiated a no-trade clause into his contract which gives him the right to veto any trade the Canucks put in front of him.

If this scenario would occur it could open up a giant scenario of problems whether it is further distractions or the fan base completely turning on Luongo depending on what the team would be getting back in the deal.

There’s no doubt the starting goalie distraction is too much to endure as it is for a team with Stanley Cup aspirations but who could blame Luongo for wanting to stick around?

The Canucks are once again legitimate championship contenders and are looking like an elite team even without Ryan Kesler and David Booth in the lineup. The play of Jordan Schroeder has been a pleasant surprise and given the team depth at center they lost after the Cody Hodgson trade. Speaking of Hodgson, the player they traded him for, Zack Kassian, has started the season looking impressive which only adds to Vancouver’s depth.

Considering the current roster isn’t even at full strength yet and already sits at the top of the Northwest Division standings, why would Luongo want to go to a lesser team?

Opportunities to win a Stanley Cup are few and far between, and this Canucks team is looking as strong as it’s ever been in recent years. A competitor like Luongo couldn’t be blamed for refusing to go to a lesser team in order to put a ring on his finger.

Depending on the return, fans would most likely get on Luongo for choosing to stick around if they feel his trade could have made them stronger in other areas.

However, if the playoffs begin and Cory Schneider struggles then Vancouver fans will quickly regret chasing a world class goalie out of town.

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