The Buffalo Sabres Looked Gassed in Tonight's Game Against The Boston Bruins

By Scott DelleFave
Miller, Ryan 2
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Playing their second game in as many days, the Buffalo Sabres simply looked tired, while the Boston Bruins haven’t played since Wednesday night, due to the snowstorm that walloped the north east on Friday.

Of all the players, Ryan Miller looked the most fatigued of them all as he stopped 79 shots in two days, which shows that their defense has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Also, what didn’t help was that their top line was lead by left winger Thomas Vanek, and he was invisible tonight. It’s not something the Sabres can afford right now as they’re not finding too much success outside of that first link, and a slump by their best player isn’t only going to cause them problems going forward.

In this shortened season, losses hurt that much more due to less games and every game is a conference game, so every game is under the magnifying glass even more. This team is playing inconsistently, and they need to shake this as soon as possible, and it’s something that seems like a broken record. Change needs to come, and it has to be from the top to the bottom. Sabres Owner,  Terrence M. Pegula needs to stop being a fan first, and needs to be held to the fire for what he said about creating a winning environment and winning Stanley Cups.

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