Cam Ward Must Sit For Carolina Hurricanes

By Andy Schmidt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There are very few players who can get away with playing badly for an entire season and keep their starting job. Right now, it appears that Cam Ward could give up six goals a game and keep his job in net for the Carolina Hurricanes. Ward gave up four goals again on Monday night but his teammates bailed him out for a win. Carolina has a decision to make with Ward on whether to let Ward play until his slump breaks or sit him on the bench and let Dan Ellis be the starting goaltender. I think at this point, it is time to give Ellis the job and let Ward clear his head.

Ward has been a wreck this season and while he is stopping 90% of shots, that is only going to cause the Carolina offense to have to score five or six goals a game just to overcome Ward giving up four or five goals per outing. It has been two straight games of four goals given up for Ward and while the goalies may still be trying to get the rust off from the long lockout, it has been nine games already in net this season for Ward. This shouldn’t keep happening.

Ward was playing better before the last two so maybe it is another blip but if I’m the Hurricanes, I can’t afford any more blips from Ward. Carolina should let Ellis play for a few games and let Ward sit around and think about what he can do better. It may be the only thing that can save a possible playoff appearance for the Hurricanes.

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