NHL Top Three Surprising Teams

By Josh Edwards
Patrick Marleau, Dan Boyle
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody thought the San Jose Sharks would be at the bottom of the NHL this year, but I doubt anyone thought they would be at the top.  Every year Sharks fans have been hoping it was finally their time to win it all.  After multiple disappointing playoff runs, many thought it wasn’t going to happen for the Sharks. This year they came out with something to prove and so far they’ve been making it happen. The Sharks are currently 6-0 putting them on top of the Western Conference.  Their run and gun offense is being led by forwards Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton.  Marleau currently leads the league in goals with nine and is tied for first in points with Thornton.  Thornton also leads the league in assists with 11.  Many of the other Sharks have been having a great start, and I think they have been the best team so far this season.

Although they were fairly successful last year, many thought the Ottawa Senators would miss the playoffs this year. Few thought they would start off so strong.  The Senators are currently fourth in the East with a 5-1-1 record.  Craig Anderson has been leading the team from between the pipes.  He leads the league with a .967 save percentage and is second in the league with a .99 goals against average.  Erik Karlsson is having another great season with seven points in seven games and continues to be one of the league’s best offensive defensemen.

The Montreal Canadiens were at the bottom of the East last year.  Many experts believed they would be in the same spot at the end of this season.  The Canadiens are currently fifth in the East with a 4-2-0 record.  Andrei Markov has had a great start of a comeback season.  He has battled injuries over the last few years and hasn’t been able to play to his full ability.  This season, he is tied with Raphael Diaz for the most points on the team.  He has been one of the league’s best defensemen so far.  Rookie star Alex Galchenyuk, has also come into the league well with five points in six games.  The Canadiens look to be trying to prove people wrong.


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