Detroit Red Wings: Pavel Datsyuk Never Ceases To Amaze

By Adam Pfeifer
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The guy has his own move named after him.

Despite turning 35-years old in July, Pavel Datsyuk continues to play at one of the highest levels in all of hockey. Anyone who has the privilege of watching one of the best all-around, two-way players in hockey will be in for a show, night in and night out.

During Wednesday night’s overtime loss to rival St. Louis Blues, Datsyuk found the score sheet yet again. He scored the tying goal in the third period, and boy was it a pretty one? From behind the net, Datsyuk banked a shot off of opposing goaltender Jake Allen, trickling into the back of the net. It was his sixth goal of the 2013 campaign, while he also has eight assists as well.

While he currently ranks 17th in scoring in the NHL, Datsyuk does everything right, a perfect role model for all aspiring hockey players. He takes the puck away from defenders, while not giving it away himself. Datsyuk makes those around him better and is responsible for the emergence of young Damien Brunner (six goals, three assists) this season. His hockey IQ is probably the highest in the league, allowing him to see the ice extremely well. He is easily one of the most likable and respected guys throughout the entire league. Heck, I bet Blues fans find it hard not to love this guy!

He may only be 5’11”, 198 lbs, but Datsyuk is as tough as nails. Take a goal he scored against the Los Angeles Kings, for instance. While approaching goaltender Jonathan Quick for a shot, he was hit from out of nowhere by big-bodied Drew Doughty. Datsyuk’s helmet was knocked off as he slid across the ice.

As if nothing even happened, Datsyuk would go on to score a goal… just 93 seconds later.

Datsyuk is an inspiration not only to the younger players, but everyone involved with the game of hockey. He will continue to be one until he decides to hang up his skates, which, knowing Datsyuk, may not be for a long time.

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