Craig Anderson's Hot Streak May Be Ending For Ottawa Senators

By Andy Schmidt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The story of Craig Anderson is an amazing one as the 31-year-old has bounced from team to team throughout his career and now with the Ottawa Senators, Anderson is having the best year of his career. Anderson is playing for his fourth team with Ottawa and is boasting a 1.58 goals against average this year with a 7-3-2 record. This is in stark contrast to every other year in Anderson’s career where he would have trouble keeping less than three goals out of the net per night.

It is obvious that Anderson is the lead guy for Ottawa as he was last season and he is showing that you can hit your prime even in your 30s. There is a slight problem however for Anderson and his chances of keeping this up. The Senators are getting depleted by injuries and the help around Anderson is fading away as the days and weeks go by. These next several games are really going to show what Anderson will be for the rest of this season.

If Anderson can keep up his average of less than two goals a game, Ottawa has a chance to make a run at the Stanley Cup. I don’t see that happening though as more and more chances are going to be scored upon by the opposition against Anderson without the defense around him. This is a great story no matter what with this early performance but it could be ending as fast as it started. This has been a season where ups and downs come more often and the downs may be coming for Anderson.

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