Matt Read on target for Philadelphia Flyers

By Deanna Vasso
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

So, I was pretty on target about Matt Read scoring a goal against the New Jersey Devils in Friday night’s Philadelphia Flyers game, but I will admit that I was wrong about Ilya Bryzgalov making some great saves.

Well he did okay in the game by making 14 saves out of 18 shots, but unfortunately he let five goals go past him. The Flyers really should have been attacking  Marty Brodeur’s net more. Going up against the Devils, the Flyers knew it was going to be a struggle, but they did have a good early start with help from Matt Read.

Read is jumping up as the point leader again (ten)  and still leads the team in goals (six) so it really shouldn’t have surprised anyone that he was finally put on the top line in Friday night’s game. He honestly should have been up there sooner. Claude Giroux had the assist on Read’s goal, and on Wayne Simmonds’ first goal in the game, so it’s clear that the shifting of the top line is a good thing for the captain. He meshes well with Read and Simmonds, and Read is continuing to prove to fans why he was the rookie leader last season.

While Read did well to score a goal alongside Simmonds and veteran Mike Knuble, the Flyers fell flat later in the game as was evident by the breaking down of the defense.  No surprise there, but if you’re never felt joy and pain all in one game, like this one, then you’ve never been a hockey fan. As a Flyers fan you grow used to the ups and downs of their games. Or you just cry into your beer a little bit more and eat so more pizza.

As for Read, I guarantee he will continue to impress this season. I’m pretty satisfied with him so far, and I’m glad to see that he’s finally getting recognition for the talent he possesses on the ice. If he’s not a fan favorite by the end of the season, I would be really surprised.

I like to think that only good things lie ahead for the Flyers, but Kimmo Timonen is injured again, which won’t bode well for the Flyers game against the Montreal Canadiens Saturday night so keep your heads up Flyers fans. And remember, we suffer together. Let’s go Flyers!

Deanna Vasso is a Flyers contributor for You can follow her on Twitter @Dmvasso.

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