Realignment Would Be Welcome For Winnipeg Jets

By Andy Schmidt
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

There has been talk of realignment in the National Hockey League over the last number of months before and after the lockout. If there is a team that has to be screaming at the top of their lungs for that to happen, it must be the Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg is stuck in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference right now meaning every time the team plays a division game, it is a cross-continent trip to places like Carolina and Florida. That isn’t fair at all to the Jets and the NHL need to fix that before next season begins.

The NHL has discussed the idea of going to four separate conferences that have seven or eight teams in each one because just moving Winnipeg somewhere else would move another team into a division where they have a long flight for every game on the road. While the Jets are 5-7-1 right now and are playing fairly well, this travel schedule is going to catch up to them. With this shortened season, the plane rides are going to be heading east early and often.

There has been a need for realignment in the NHL for a long time and when the Jets moved from Atlanta to Winnipeg, that just amped up the rationale to do it. This is a situation that has to have a conclusion that works for everyone because right now, the Jets are being cheated in my opinion with the amount of extra travel they have to make. Winnipeg deserves better and I really hope they get it by next season with some needed changes by the NHL.

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