Jarome Iginla Trade Speculation: What Kind of Return Could the Calgary Flames Expect for Him?

By Franklin Steele
Jarome Iginla Calgary Flames
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The trade speculation around the NHL is that the Calgary Flames may eventually have no choice but to trade Jarome Iginla. They are among the worst teams in the league right now despite sitting only five points outside of the final playoff spot in the Western Conference, and GM Jay Feaster may eventually have to break down and r…

Yes, rebuild.

It is the forbidden word when it comes to the Flames and their management, but so far the team hasn’t had much success with the “keep everyone no matter what” strategy. I’m telling you, somewhere between Feaster’s tendency to hoard and Paul Holmgren’s tendency to be trigger happy is a pretty darn good GM.

Iggy isn’t at the point yet where he’s a cagey veteran looking to fill in on a third or fourth line in an inspirational “win the Cup for me” role. This is still a guy that can flat out play under the proper circumstances. He only has one goal so far in 2013, but it isn’t for lack of trying as he’s taken 46 shots. Tack on seven helpers for Iginla and he’s still a contributing factor on a nightly basis.

What teams could pursue him for, more so than his offense prowess, could be the intangibles that the long-time captain brings to the fold. The long time Flame has always been regarded as one of the best leaders in the game and knows how to get his troops going with a big hit, big shift or a few well placed words.

So what’s a guy like Iginla worth once he is on the trade block? I’m sure just about every GM in the NHL has kicked tires on the guy at some juncture, so who knows what kinds of groundwork have already been discussed. What he’s worth comes down to a few factors.

Would the 35-year old ever waive his no movement clause? If the answer to that question is no then all the speculation and conversation has been for naught. If Iginla wants to ride out the remainder of the 2013 season with the Flames and become a free agent, that option is readily available to him.

His fate is in his hands in that regard.

“Hey Jarome, it’s Jay. Listen, I need to talk to you… The Pittsburgh Penguins just called and made an outstanding offer…”

A few sentences like that could sway Iginla out of Calgary though—lets be real here. The guy has to want the Cup so bad at this point that it hurts, and it’d be tragic to see Iggy ride off into the sunset over the next few years without a ring.

What would his re-signing plans be? If the inquiring team is just looking for a rental, then it could bring the asking price down a bit.

So would the Flames be looking at a deal like the Columbus Blue Jackets secured for Rick Nash, or what the Atlanta Thrashers received for Ilya Kovalchuk? If there was some chance that Iginla would re-up with his new team I could certainly see the Flames being able to coup a top-six player, a few solid prospects and a first rounder like the Jackets did.

With the NMC and upcoming free agency looming, in the end it will be Iginla that decides where he wants to pursue the Cup.

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