Philadelphia Flyers' Matt Read Out Six Weeks

By Deanna Vasso
Matt Read out six weeks
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Injures and sicknesses continue to plague the league, and the Philadelphia Flyers don’t get off easy. With Scott Hartnell’s return soon pending, it looked like things were looking up for the Flyers, especially since they are on a two game win streak. Unfortunately they have been hit with another player injury that is going to majorly affect their game.

In the Flyers game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday, Matt Read took a hard hit against the boards from Penguins’ Chris Kunitz. He left the game in the first period and never returned. Read’s injury was being classified as an “upper-body injury” so this led to speculation that the hit gave him a concussion. This was also what the media was hearing last night during the post-game presser.  Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren would only say that Read was going to be re-evaluated on Thursday.

All day Thursday the Flyers wouldn’t say if Read did indeed have a concussion, but since they wouldn’t come out and say what was going on, many fans and members of the media kept speculating that it was a concussion. As the Flyers prepared for their first game at home in six games against the Florida Panthers, it was announced that Matt Read would be out for six weeks. SIX WEEKS! But it wasn’t because of a concussion, no in a strange twist of events, Read suffered from the Kunitz’ hit by tearing the muscles in his rib cage.

I’m a huge Read fan, so I’m pretty upset that he’s not going to be in the lineup until April. Read has been doing so well and still leads the team in goals (seven). He was really starting to make a name for himself and get recognized this season, so it’s really unfortunate that he’s going to have to sit out for the next month and a half. With him gone, the Flyers are definitely going to try to push up Hartnell’s return.

With Read out, that means that the Flyers return rookie Tye McGinn to the lineup. McGinn is fast becoming a favorite, so fans will be happy to see him back despite that Read is gone. The Flyers just really need to hold onto the momentum that they’ve built in the last few games.

Let’s Go Flyers!

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