Brian Burke finds part-time work in Anaheim

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Tom Szczerbowski- USA TODAY Sports


Yesterday, Brian Burke was hired as a part-time scout for the Anaheim Ducks — a step down from his previous General Manager title with the club.

When I hear the name Burke I think of the GM that helped assemble the 2007 Stanley Cup Champion and who brought the first ever Cup to the West coast as well as California.

During his stay in SoCal, he was able to lure All-Stars such as Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer and was the brains behind the Sergei Fedorov trade for Francois Beauchemin — a defenseman who is still playing an intricate part in Anaheim’s lineup.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter when Burke decided to try and perform a miracle with the Toronto Maple Leafs back in ’08.  The guy is notorious for bringing players from his former clubs — and he didn’t stray from his ways when he left Anaheim — as he brought players such as Brad May and Beauchemin to Toronto with him.

I’m actually optimistic about his return. He may not have achieved the resume he built in Anaheim with the Leafs, but I’ll just chalk it up as it wasn’t mean to be for him in Canada. I also feel almost as if I’m partially indebted to him for being a monumental reason as to why the Ducks won their first Stanley Cup in team’s history and with that I welcome him back with open arms.

With Burke as a part-time scout you can expect the future for the Ducks’ roster to consist of size, grit, reliability and a physical presence. I for one semi miss the days when Anaheim was known as the new-age Broad Street Bullies. Though I’m not asking or looking forward to players who take foolish penalties, I am looking forward to the combination between coach Bruce Boudreau‘s driven work ethic and Burke’s size and physical preference all rolled up into one.

Cheers for hopefully a replica of the success Burke had during his first tenure with the Ducks.

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