Alex Semin of Carolina Hurricanes Returns to Washington

By Josh Edwards
Alexander Semin
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

When the Carolina Hurricanes acquired Alexander Semin through free agency, they were not entirely sure what they would get. Everyone knows Semin’s skills are among the best in the league. His shot is arguably one of the best and when he is on his game, he is worth every dollar of his contract.

The Washington Capitals gave up Semin after he was criticized for his consistency and defensive play. The Russian forward is possibly the most complicated player in the NHL. Fans were disappointed when Semin went from playing a spectacular game to disappearing in the next one. The Capitals may be missing Semin after a horrible start, leaving them second to last in the Eastern Conference.

Tonight will be the first time Semin plays his old team and the pressure is on him now. He has been one of the Hurricanes’ best forwards and has played well on the first line with the team’s captain, Eric Staal. Fans in Raleigh have liked Semin’s play offensively and defensively and see him as a complete player.

The heat got turned up when Troy Brouwer made several comments regarding how Semin was not committed to the team when he was on the Capitals. Tim Brent went on Twitter, defending his teammate and making comments regarding how much they appreciate Semin on the team.

This recent drama should provide fire for Semin and the Hurricanes to get the win in Washington. I would expect Semin to have one his best games of the season. This will also be the first time Semin will play his old friend Alex Ovechkin. Both Russian snipers are among the most exciting players in the NHL and it will be quite the show watching them face off.


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