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NHL Preview: Philadelphia Flyers Host Washington Capitals

Philadelphia Flyers face off against the Washington Captials

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After a disappointing loss, the Philadelphia Flyers will try to redeem themselves again as they face off against the equally struggling Washington Capitals at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday.

The Capitals are worse off than the Flyers right now, to the point that some fans have been referring to them as the “Crapitals”.  They’re 14th in the Eastern Conference with a poor record of 6-10-1, but they have played a few games less than the Flyers, so they still have time to try to pull themselves out of their hole–if Alexander Ovechkin finally starts acting like he cares about his team or his career.

So it looks like the Flyers might have the upper hand in this game, but don’t let team records fool you. The Flyers have been struggling, mostly because they can’t seem to get the puck out of their own zone, so again they have a huge defense problem. They also haven’t really played a full 60 minutes since they routed the New York Islanders 7-0 last week.

Veteran defenseman Kimmo Timonen spoke out about this and said they need to “walk the walk.” Newly returned Scott Hartnell also had some choice words about the Flyers situation and said “we need to wake up.” At least the team actually knows they are doing badly and know they need to play a full 60 minutes. Will they be able to do it Wednesday night against the Capitals?

This is only the second meeting between the two teams this season. The Capitals won in a 3-2 victory last time. That game was a brutal chippy game, so we can only imagine that Wednesday’s game will be the same, especially since Wayne Simmonds is back after John Erskine injured him.

What I hope is that the Flyers don’t repeat the amount of turnovers and the inability to get the puck in deep. These issues seem to still be affecting the Flyers, despite their improvement since they last played the Caps. If they truly do wake up,” I need to see them getting the puck out of their own zone and deep into the Caps’ zone. With Jakub Voracek  getting the first star in the NHL this week, I expect some solid moves from him, so expect him to be a point leader in this game.


Let’s go Flyers! Deanna Vasso is a Flyers contributor for rantsports.com. You can follow her on Twitter @Dmvasso.