Philadelphia Flyers Must Find a Five-Game NHL Winning Streak Soon

By Sean O'Brien
Philadelphia Flyers Playoffs
Eric Hartline – USA TODAY Sports

After last night’s 4-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Philadelphia Flyers continue to search for a meaningful winning steak. So far this season they have only been able to connect two wins together, which has happened three times during their first 21 games.

If we were 21 games into a normal National Hockey League schedule, there would still be 122 possible points to earn. With 27 games remaining in this locked-out 48-game season, the Flyers only have 27 remaining games to make a playoff push.

At this point in late February, Peter Laviolette’s team is in danger of being cropped out of the postseason picture if a more consistent win-pattern isn’t forged very soon.

Whenever you watch a team play within the .500 range it’s challenging to know what the future might be. Obviously teams can “comeback” if enough games are left to be played in the schedule, but that’s not the main point.

Let’s assume that the Eastern Conference’s eighth-place playoff slot is secured with approximately 50-55 points, which is purely a guess based on the winning percentages  (and resulting point totals) of recent qualifying playoff teams. Using simple math, this 9-11-1 (19 points) Flyers’ squad would need to earn at least 31 points during the next two regular season months. Adding 15 points per month is possible, but would likely have to include a variety of winning streaks along the way.

It’s a reasonable expectation to be able to earn a minimum of 31 points during the next 27 games, but securing 21 points during their final 22 games would be much easier if the Flyers can begin a five-game winning streak. Why not begin that dash against the Washington Capitals at home this Wednesday?

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