Will The Philadelphia Flyers Finally Trade Danny Briere This Season?

By Randy Holt
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s a team that you can expect to make a trade before the deadline hits next month, it’s probably the Philadelphia Flyers. They have glaring needs and they have a general manager, in Paul Holmgren, that isn’t shy about making a high profile move. Could that move involve the departure of one of the Flyers’ bigger names?

Danny Briere has been a name mentioned in trade rumors several times over the course of the past few seasons. It seems that whenever an offseason or trade deadline rolls around, there’s some sort of interest in Briere, even if the Flyers aren’t publicly shopping him.

This may be the year that it finally happens. And there are a few reasons that it makes sense for the Flyers to pull the trigger on a potential Briere deal.

The first is the fact that he’s 35  years old. He’s still a guy capable of putting up plenty of points in the offensive end, but his totals have been declining over the past couple of seasons. Combine his age with his cap hit, which will continue at $6.5 million for the next two seasons after this year, and no one would question why the Flyers would want to unload him.

It’s not as if they’d be losing a ton on offense either. They have a solid offensive core coming together, led by Claude Giroux, as well as other young names like Brayden Schenn and Matt Read. This team is set in the offensive end. It’s on the blue line where they need the help. And that’s where Briere can help them.

If the Flyers can swing a deal that would help them grab a solid blue liner, then Holmgren would absolutely be interested in shipping Briere out of Philadelphia. A couple of teams have already inquired, such as the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues, each of which happens to be deep in the defensive end. There could be a match with either.

It looks like we may finally be seeing the end of Danny Briere in a Flyers sweater, after these years of rumors. Now it’s just a matter of when he goes and where he goes.

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